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Haxedef flags

Since v4.0.0 by bendmorris

HaxePunk supports several optional flags that can be passed in using -Dhxp_XXX:

Flag Effect
-Dhxp_debug turn on debug info and logs.
-Dhxp_loglevel=info set the log level; can be one of (debug, info, warning, error, critical). Defaults to debug.
-Dhxp_debug_console enables the debug console, which displays application metrics and allows pausing/manipulating the game.
-Dhxp_gl_debug adds additional OpenGL debugging messages, and throws exceptions on GL errors.
-Dhxp_no_render_batch disables the draw call batching optimization.


  • Drawing multiple scenes
  • Emitter backward animation
  • Managing assets
  • Multi-platform input
  • Tileset spacing