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typedef TextOptions

defined in;

Text option including the font, size, color...


optional align : 

Optional. The aligment of the text. Default value is left.

optional color : Int

Optional. The color of the text. Default value is white.

optional filters : 

Optional. Any Bitmap Filters To Alter Text Style

optional font : 

Optional. The font to use. Default value is com.haxepunk.HXP.defaultFont.

optional leading : Int

Optional. Vertical space between lines. Default value is 0.

optional resizable : Bool

Optional. If the text field can automatically resize if its contents grow. Default value is true.

optional richText : Bool

Optional. If the text field uses a rich text string.

optional size : Int

Optional. The font size. Default value is 16.

optional wordWrap : Bool

Optional. Automatic word wrapping. Default value is false.