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package com.haxepunk

class Tween

extends EventDispatcher
extended by Alarm, AngleTween, ColorTween, MultiVarTween, NumTween, VarTween, Motion, Fader, SfxFader

Base class for tweening helpers. A Tween is any object that interpolates something between two values. It does not have to be a linear path, for instance a circular motion.

Do not use this directly, instead use the classes in com.haxepunk.tweens.*


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new (duration : Float, type : TweenType, complete : Dynamic ->Void, , ease : Float ->Float, ) : Void

Constructor. Specify basic information about the Tween.


Duration of the tween (in seconds or frames).


Tween type, one of Tween.PERSIST (default), Tween.LOOPING, or Tween.ONESHOT.


Optional callback for when the Tween completes.


Optional easer function to apply to the Tweened value.


active : Bool

If the tween is active.

percent : Float

Progression of the tween, between 0 and 1.

read only scale : Float


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cancel () : Void

Immediately stops the Tween and removes it from its Tweener without calling the complete callback.

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start () : Void

Starts the Tween, or restarts it if it's currently running.