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HaxePunk is an open source framework, ported from FlashPunk, and designed to let you build your game on any platform. It provides the tools to quickly prototype ideas and the performance to make them great.


HaxePunk is built with the Haxe programming language and runs on cross-platform frameworks like OpenFL or NME. Haxe is a strictly typed programming language that saves development time but still compiles high performance executables. Graphics are hardware accelerated using OpenGL.


HaxePunk is packed with features. Pick and choose what is useful for your game.

  • Images, Spritemaps, Particle Emitters, Tilemaps, and more
  • Mask based collision
  • Joystick and Multi-touch support
  • Tweens
  • Debug Console with mask overlays
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HaxePunk runs on multiple platforms without the need to rewrite your entire code base. Here are the currently supported platforms.

Windows, Mac, Linux
HTML 5 (WebGL)
iOS, Android
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See HaxePunk in action!

Browse the demos or play around with the source code. The examples compile and run on every supported target.

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Open Source

The code for HaxePunk is open source and available under the MIT license. This means there are no restrictions for developing open source or commercial games.

You are free to share the code from your game, if you wish, under whatever license you choose.


Wanting to show off what you made with HaxePunk? Share it with the world on the showcase page.

Anything from game jam entries to commercial games are welcome.

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